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Eric Thayne Lighting Secrets

5-06-2020, 08:26   |   Category: Tutorials

Eric Thayne Lighting Secrets

Free Download Eric Thayne Lighting Secrets
Learn how to see, analyze, and understand light in your scenes
Introduction to Lighting
Color Temperature, Tint, and CRI
4 Common Types of Lights
The 3 Main Light Roles
The Characteristics of Light
Quality of Light
Intensity & Brightness

Learn 14 new ways to position your lights to get different effects/moods
Beauty Lighting
Interview Lighting - Watch For FREE
Creating Shape & Contrast In A Small Room
Book Light
Mixed Color Temperatures
Simulated Sunlight Through Windows
Overhead Lighting
Lighting With Windows
Exterior Lighting (Overcast)
Exterior Lighting (Sunny)
Using Practicals
Lighting The Environment
Music Video Technique
Shooting With One Light
In this section, I break down scenes from my own work and show you exactly how they were lit
Recording Studio Soft Light Vs. Hard Light
Office Scene With Book Light
Wine Cellar With Single Backlight
Backlighting With Large Windows
Nativity Scenes With Mixed Color Temperatures
High Key Commercial Lighting
Music Video Night For Day & Sun Diffusion
Moonlight Effects In A Music Video
Exterior Lighting (Overcast)
Netting And Negative Fill Outside
Single Backlight Source In A Garage
Day For Night Bedroom

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thanks for this
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On 5 June 2020 11:43
crusher17 By crusher17 Status: Currently Offline


Thanks Avelin. Really appreciate this course.
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On 7 June 2020 02:59
exceeder3 By exceeder3 Status: Currently Offline


how is this free? ? ? :D
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On 8 June 2020 04:35
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It's not free :/
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On 16 June 2020 17:29
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download from sendit. It?s free
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On 30 June 2020 11:25


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